meet Fergie

Let me introduce you to my ESA pal, Fergie. I adopted her from a rescue foundation here in Orange County. Been yo-yo-ing between the central coast and here since some time in February. My husband’s been helping out the folks in the W/S Packaging Fullerton Art Hub since their department manager resigned at the end of last year. And now they’re in the midst of transferring Kevin from the San Luis Obispo plant to take over the position permanently. Sooo, we’ll be moving to Brea within the next couple of weeks.

Never imagined I’d be living in the LA area again.

Never imagined that I’d actually look forward to it!

Brea is a cross between the quietness of San Luis Obispo and the beautiful aesthetics of Santa Barbara.

At the moment, Fergie is still staying at her foster mom’s place, but she’ll be joining me as soon as we get settled into our new digs.

Love that smile :o)

continuing the journey

I recently updated my GoFundMe campaign and thought I’d share it here as well.

My continued thanks to all of you who have donated and shared the link to my GoFundMe campaign! Because of you, I’ll be able to cover the deductible for my recent ambulance trip/hospital stay/treatments, and subsequent home nursing care.

As I’ve written before, I believed that the numbness I was experiencing in my right leg was being caused by sciatica. Apparently not. During January, I started having spasms in my left leg and lower torso. They were becoming stronger, so I went to the ER. They did a CT scan, but all it showed was the compression fracture. They sent me home with some pain meds. By the wee hours of Sunday morning (1/28), though, the spasms became so intense, excruciating, that I could not move. My husband called for an ambulance.

They got me up and into a special chair that can roll down a flight of stairs without much bumping. Sooo thankful for that! The staff at the Dignity French Hospital in San Luis Obispo is awesome. They got me settled right away, started an IV with a strong dose of Dilaudid, followed two hours later by a dose of Percocet, and scheduled for an MRI.

The MRI showed there were three cancerous tumours in my spinal cord itself, the largest in the lumbar, one in the thoracic, and one in the cervical. It took four days to get the pain under control and the spasms to stop. On Wednesday, apparently, I was transported via ambulance to my Radiation Oncologist’s office, measured for treatment, and returned to the hospital. He looked at me in amazement that I hadn’t been experiencing pain long before. On Thursday, I was released and Kevin took me over to receive my first of a total of twelve radiation treatments. I was a little puzzled why my doctor told me I could take up to three Zofran/day for nausea.

I found out about a week after my last treatment. During the following week or so, I lost ten pounds. Couldn’t hold much of anything down. Even sipping water when I was taking my meds was a challenge. Thankfully, that has subsided almost completely. Now, I need to build my strength back up, find solid foods that sit okay (still mostly having juice drinks), and continue the healing process.

So, again, thank you for all your support, encouragement, and prayers.

God bless!