empty nest, full hearts

Dave Matthews Band – You and Me

We’re driving down the I-5, south of Portland, on our way home from moving our son to Trail, British Columbia. Going to miss that boy.

This song came to mind this morning as Kevin and I were getting ready to check out of our hotel. Played it first thing when we got into the car. :o)

some days are more difficult than others

Lauren Daigle – Trust In You

Needed to find this song today. Had MRIs of my brain/spine last week. Showed a new spot in my spinal cord.


Feeling well cared for, though. My oncologist – a lovely woman, so grateful for her – is changing my chemo immediately because I showed progression while on the Kadcyla (or as one of my infusion nurses, Nina, calls it, “Kadzilla”).

And feeling loved. So many friends’ prayers. Gifts, every one of them.

a beautiful mess

With all this moving brewhaha, Kevin and I didn’t even go out for dinner on our anniversary back in May. Looking forward to heading down to celebrate in San Diego this weekend.

Funny, it’s almost like we’re back where we started. A new beginning.

We met officially at college in Pasadena, just a few minutes up the road from here on the 210. I say, “officially,” because during our first date, we were looking at some of my photos and discovered we had attended the same month-long youth Summer Educational Program near Orr, Minnesota, during July 1980. I had a pic of him sitting with the other campers on the rocky lakeside area watching the waterskiing showcase at the end of camp. As we each talked about our memories from that summer, we figured out that his dorm had attended a Bible Study hosted by my dorm, probably were even partners in basic ballroom dance class in the Bugaboo (the staff’s hangout).

So, when my friend, Sheri, and I came in a wee bit late for brunch one Saturday morning during the start of our sophomore year to find the only two vacant seats were across from two guys by the names of Mike and Kevin, the kind eyes of the taller fellow were unaccountably familiar. Where in the world could I have possibly known him from? He was from the States, had been at the Ambassador College campus in Big Sandy, Texas, the previous year.

Puzzling over that question on my way back from brunch turned into a conversation, turned into a date, turned into a friendship, turned into love, turned into a walk down the aisle in front of Ambassador Hall 31 years ago to Pachelbel’s Canon in D recorded by the Canadian Brass.

Happy anniversary, Sweetheart.

Jason Mraz – A Beautiful Mess (Live at the Nobel Peace Prize concert)