Here is the actual, unedited beginnings of my NaNoNovel along with the other 111 pages (printed double-sided to save paper). It’s a collection of the stream-of-consciousness questions and answers I wrote as I started to play with the story. An exploration, or perhaps more accurately, an excavation of ideas. Up until the last day, I wrote my 8 pages (approx 1,600 words) by hand first, then typed it. I find the process of writing by hand to be more conducive to keeping the critic at bay. When I compose at the keyboard, I tend to focus on correcting spelling errors and a host of other highly unimportant writer’s-block-inducing activities.

As soon as I have made some significant progress on my Christmas present for my son — a cosplay costume of Fate Stay Night Archer (see below) — I will begin my rewriting process in earnest. I’m giving myself 3 months to have a decent draft completed that I can send out for reading to a few people. If you’d like to be on my feedback team, please let me know. And yes, Ruth, you’re already on the list :o)

excavating the story

When I reached 10,000 words, I received this encouragement in an email from NaNoland:

Author Erin Morgenstern wrote, “I like to think of NaNo-ing as excavating… Things that felt like desperate, random nonsense on page 72 (the broken pocket watch, a partially obscured tattoo, that taxidermied marmot on the mantelpiece) are suddenly important and meaningful on page 187. Everything could hinge on the fate of that marmot. Or the marmot may be a red herring. Or perhaps the marmot is just a marmot. You have to keep writing to find out.”

:o) Love it!





you still grow

You are so hard on yourself.

Take a moment.

Sit back.

Marvel at your life:

at the grief that softened you,

at the heartache that wisened you.

Despite everything,

you still grow.

Be proud of this.

~ unknown

(Source: My yoga instructor closed class today with this quote. Then, I came home and found it online at Positivity Note, Pinterest)