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my burmese than-bauk

with haiku line

yet with fine change

makes mine than-bauk

~ sld


Jason A. Muckley, Poems for Warriors, recommends “a simple and fun, epigram-like poetic form to try your hand at during National Poetry Month… the Burmese Than-bauk.” His poem, Everywhere, can be found here.

“The Than-bauk is a Burmese poetic form with simple rules:
– Three-line poem (Tercet), but you can string together multiple stanzas to form a longer poem
– Four syllables per line
– The final syllable of the first line rhymes with the third syllable of the second line and second syllable of the third line.

Here’s a visual representation of rhyming syllables for each line:


The poem is written traditionally like an epigram, so it is sometimes a clever or witty poem.”


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