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today’s good word is “stable”


I’m loving the sound of it.

This is the first time since June of 2016 that I’ve had that particular word spoken to me in the context of MRIs.

Nothing’s bigger, nothing’s new.

And nothing is quite like hearing my radiation oncologist talking about “in a year from now when you’ve been stable for that time, we can start spacing out your scans from every two months to four or more.”

In a year.

Someone’s talking about me and the future in the same sentence.

Nothing like it.

And there was nothing like laughing with my primary oncologist this past Friday when she smiled and joked, “So, you must be here for a well baby visit.” Have to admit she took me off guard and it took a moment – I’m certainly not with child – then I got it. We didn’t have any cancer concerns to discuss so I must be there for some other reason. :o)

Nope, nothing like it.

And there’s nothing like having this new reason to be carrying around the beautiful words, “thank you,” in my heart and on my lips.

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