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meet Fergie

Let me introduce you to my ESA pal, Fergie. I adopted her from a rescue foundation here in Orange County. Been yo-yo-ing between the central coast and here since some time in February. My husband’s been helping out the folks in the W/S Packaging Fullerton Art Hub since their department manager resigned at the end of last year. And now they’re in the midst of transferring Kevin from the San Luis Obispo plant to take over the position permanently. Sooo, we’ll be moving to Brea within the next couple of weeks.

Never imagined I’d be living in the LA area again.

Never imagined that I’d actually look forward to it!

Brea is a cross between the quietness of San Luis Obispo and the beautiful aesthetics of Santa Barbara.

At the moment, Fergie is still staying at her foster mom’s place, but she’ll be joining me as soon as we get settled into our new digs.

Love that smile :o)

6 thoughts on “meet Fergie

    • Thanks, Ruth :o) Yes – she’s an absolute sweetheart.
      Everything’s going well. Kevin and my dad are up in Atascadero this weekend to do the cleaning, pick up the last of the stuff, and turn in the keys. Almost done!

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