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that’s all she wrote . . .

. . . in the copybooks, that is. :o)

Today, I finished the final page from the final copybook.*

Happy dance time.

So far, I’ve clocked in close to 100 hours of writing practice.

In the meantime, I’ve acquired a new book, Wedding Calligraphy: A Guide to Beautiful Hand Lettering, by Laura Hooper and her sister Alyssa. I promised myself that when I completed the Spencerian script copybooks, I could pick out a lettering style from that book to learn. I’m hoping to be ready to begin offering calligraphy services within a few months, planning to add at least two more styles, probably classic copperplate and a more modern, flowing script, to my repertoire, before hanging out my shingle.

And so with that, I say . . . next!

*Spencerian System of Practical Penmanship: In 12 Numbers, Four distinct Series, by P.R. Spencer







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