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better when I’m dancin’

Meghan Trainor | Better When I’m Dancin’

Found this this morning. So fun . . . and couldn’t be more true.

Can’t quite completely explain why, but for most of this past year, I’ve just wanted to be quiet. Hardly listened to music — except when I was in the car driving with my family, or when my son had his YouTube favourites playing. Haven’t danced much, either. It’s kind of a mystery to me since music and dancing have always been such an important part of my life. ‘Course to be fair to myself, it was a couple of months after I got out of the hospital last December before I could even stand for more than a few minutes. On oxygen 24/7 until well into January. Had a wheelchair with us for a few months when we went out. Just being able to go for a walk of any distance has been a reason to celebrate.

Somehow during the last couple of weeks, though, I started turning on the CD player when I was bouncing on my mini trampoline. (Rebounding is great for the lymph system, by the way.) We haven’t tried to play any CDs for quite a while because they were skipping a lot, but my husband decided to turn on the player at the beginning of said last couple of weeks. It actually worked. So, the next day I put on a french album we picked up at the Santa Barbara Zoo ages ago. Gently and sweetly, that part of me has been reignited. Yes, sweet to be sure.

When the player completely conked out a few days ago, I, without hesitation, headed to Amazon to find me a new, improved model. Meanwhile, I’ve been getting caught up with current pop hits on my phone with Amazon Prime Music and making up for lost time.

Crank the tunes! And dance!


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