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you are my sunshine


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I picked up this colouring book* at the Real Canadian Superstore in Cranbrook, BC on our way back from getting together with my brother and his family, my dad, and a number of other friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in many years, for a gathering in honour of my mom. She passed away this past December, but since she was living in Winnipeg at the time, away from all her friends in Calgary, we decided to hold a memorial service there once I was finished with my chemotherapy and able to travel. It was so wonderful to spend that time together.

When we were in Regina, Sask (for a small family graveside internment service), my niece, Aerien, was kind enough to give me my first aprés-chemo hair cut. It’s lovely to have hair long enough to warrant a trim. :o)

*”Cheerful Words and Sayings: A Treasure Hunt and Coloring Adventure,” by Robin Pickens





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