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art mentor | Iris Scott

I’m getting ready to try this . . .

Iris Scott Fingerpainting — Dog Shaking (Music by Takenobu)

Just spent the day working with the Holbein Duo Aqua (water mixable oil paints) colour chart, creating a values reference chart in Photoshop Elements.

  1. Created screen captures of the chart.
  2. Saved each as a grayscale file.
  3. Selected each colour swatch and pasted it into a new .psd file.
  4. Organized all the swatches in rows by value.
  5. Saved a copy of the grayscale chart to create corresponding colour chart.
  6. Reopened colour screen captures.
  7. Selected each colour swatch and placed it over the corresponding grayscale colour.

Duo Aqua Colors - values 1200

Duo Aqua Colors - colors in value order 1200

So excited. Now I have a great way of choosing my palette based on the value of the colours straight out of the tubes. Perfect for fingerpainting.

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