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Daisy monochrome 052216

Current assignment: Divide a canvas in half. “Paint two versions of the same scene side-by-side. Paint one in monochrome and the other in color.” Then, I’m to take a photo of it and convert the colour painting into a black and white image so I can compare my monochrome painting with the values from the colour one. I’m to do three of these studies.

I chose to be fairly loose with the drawing, blocking it in with thinned grey water-mixable oil paint and I think I used my #2 Blick Masterstroke bristle filbert brush. I have mixed feelings about the results. But, that’s par for the course. I’m wanting to move into a more impressionistic style and it’s turning out to be even more challenging than I imagined.

Now it’s time to tackle the colour version.

Here are my reference photos:

daisy by sld 1200 daisy by sld b-w 1200

And something pretty cool . . .

Barry John* wins Silver Medal at Carmel Art Festival

Returning to the festival after a gap of fourteen years, Barry walked away with two top prizes at the Carmel Art Festival in California: Best Oil/Acrylic Painting for his 24×30″ work, and Silver Medal for a 16×20″ work. Watch the video demonstrating how he developed the Silver Medal painting while standing in the ocean!
* Barry John Raybould is the artist and teacher who created the Virtual Art Academy. Congratulation Barry John!

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