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checking values straight out of the tube

tube colours values

tube colours values bw

We had an assignment to check the values of our paints straight out of the tubes. Interesting exercise. My blob of viridian spread rather unevenly, making it a tad more challenging to decide where it belonged, but otherwise, I guessed chose fairly accurately. I have the permanent alizarin crimson at 2, but perhaps it’d be better suited to the #1 spot, sharing the space with my french ultramarine.

I’m looking forward to having a bit of fun with colours. :o) I’ve been watching some episodes of a programme called The Forger’s Masterclass and gathering some ideas. Great show. Click here to see the episode about the artwork of Andre Derain.

2 thoughts on “checking values straight out of the tube

    1. Hi Katrina :)

      I’ve just started working with them, but so far so good. I ordered a bottle of fast drying medium and some thinner — which I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of so I can experiment with them.

      I’ve heard that the Holbein Duo Aqua are creamier (closer to the texture of regular oils) than the W&N Artisan paints I’m using. Planning to try those next so I can compare.


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