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6 of 6 = happy day

zentangle 032816 1

zentangle 2 032816

All done. done. done done done done done. :o) (Have you ever typed or written a word so many times that it starts to look weird or curiously unfamiliar?)

Anyway . . . my set of six chemo sessions is completed. Happy times. What’s next is a three-to-five-year stint on a daily dose of Tamoxifen as well as continuing with Herceptin (aka:Trastuzumab) via IV once every three weeks ad infinitum onaccountabecause of the cancer’s HER2 Positive nature and that it had metastasized to my bones/brain. It’s all good, though. Rather be alive.

Some good news to report — got to see the results of my MRI from last week. The spot on the back of my left eye is considerably smaller. I had noticed that my vision has been improving the last few weeks. I’m no longer seeing a double-image whenever I look up or over to the left. And, as best as I can tell, my left eye isn’t swollen anymore, or at least hardly so.

The MRI also showed that the spot in my cerebellum is smaller. From what I’ve read, it’s somewhat remarkable to be able to see a change this quickly.

Bottom line: I’m thankful. Life is a beautiful thing. And, I’m very blessed to have so many absolutely awesome, caring and generous people in this beautiful life of mine.

That includes you all. :o)


8 thoughts on “6 of 6 = happy day

  1. Yay! So glad the chemo is done. And great news about your eye – hooray!

    Lovely sketches. In fact, at a glance I thought the top one was a photo of a pillow because the 3D effect is so good!

    Thank you for sharing your updates with us. :)

    Liked by 1 person

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