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For my “Comparing Values” assignment in Workshop A (Virtual Art Academy), I was to:

“Sketch the shapes in a landscape, interior scene, or still life setup, using an outline drawing and write in the value of each shape using a number from one to nine. Do 24 of these sketches using different compositions and subjects. It is best if you can sketch from life, then take a photograph to show what you were sketching. Do an outline study, without shading.”

Here’s one of the photos I worked with . . .

orchid on windowsill by sld

I converted the photo into a grayscale image in Photoshop Elements so I could compare the values of the colours.

orchid on windowsill bw by sld

Then I made a outline drawing of the basic shapes. The instructions included, among other things, that we were to:

  • Ignore small shapes by squinting to make them blend into larger shapes of one average value. This will also simplify the scene.
  • Do not worry too much about the exact shapes you see. We are only interested in trying to identify the correct value of each shape. Leave the accurate drawing to later.

orchids by the window value study outline 1

I decided take the assignment a little further by creating a painting of it using W&N Artisan water mixable oil paints on a sheet of 9″x12″ canvas “paper.” Quite an interesting exercise. Think I’m starting to get a grasp on this values thing.

Value study - orchids by the window

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