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4th of 6

4 of 6 I 021616 by sld4 of 6 II 021616 by sldMy zentangles from today’s chemo session. Feeling pretty good today. Think I’ll do some painting this afternoon. Need to make a 5- and 9-value scale for the 4-year online art course I’ve enrolled in through The Virtual Art Academy.

A few years ago, I took a class offered by a local plein air painter, Mimi Whitney-Hafft. During one afternoon, she showed us a couple of videos written and designed by professional artist Barry John Raybould. They were about seeing values and creating notans in preparation for each painting. They were simply excellent and I wished I had been able to afford to sign up to see his other tutorial at that time.

A couple of weeks back, as I was struggling a bit with a practice watercolour painting from the book, You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors, by Dan Burt, I had a repeating loud thought, “I need to learn how to see the values of colours so I can choose more creatively.” It didn’t take long for the memory of those videos to come to mind. I couldn’t find any notes from the class, though, and wasn’t sure if any of the websites I’d bookmarked were his. So, I messaged my question to Mimi and she answered right away.

This is going to be an awesome resource and support for building my skills as an artist. Time to get back to class . . .

3 thoughts on “4th of 6

  1. I really love these zentangles you are making! I did not realize you we’re dealing with chemo and really admire how you are working through it and with such joy in life and nature and art. I hope you are 100 percent very soon!


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