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day trip

Butterfly Beach after GK 020416

Last Thursday (in the wee hours of the morn’), we drove down to Thousand Oaks so I could have a Gamma Knife* treatment for the two small spots where the cancer had metastasized in my cerebellum. On our way home, we stopped for warm drinks at Lazy Acres and headed to our favourite spot — Butterfly Beach — to enjoy them. Haven’t had a cafe mocha in ages. It was delicious, even with my chemo-induced, funkafide sense of taste.

*Gamma Knife isn’t surgery, it’s an extremely precise radiation machine created specifically for treating brain tumors. The approx. 200 beams of gamma radiation only effect the cells where the beams intersect, protecting the surrounding tissue. It’s done in a single session, so I won’t need to go back for repeated treatments. Pretty amazing technology. My nurse (Nicole) and doctors (Dr. Young and Dr. Ahn) were awesome. Don’t think I could have been in better care.

6 thoughts on “day trip

  1. Technology and current treatment plans are pretty amazing from where everything was only 5 years ago. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Sandy. Wonderful that you were able to enjoy a cafe mocha!

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  2. What a gorgeous picture! I would never know this was taken in February. The blues of the sky & ocean are stunning.

    Hooray for the café mocha! Ken & I will have one this weekend in your honour, and e’ll toast your beautiful smile, your sense of humour and your tenacity,

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