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Steampunk Revolution | Abney Park

If you’re unfamiliar with steampunk, or cosplay, this video is a fun introduction. And if you like this Abney Park song, check out their Airship Pirates, live concert in Moscow (2014).

One of the scenes with the illusionist’s performance (with the drill) makes me feel a little weird, but otherwise love this! The first part (3:21 min) is the song. The rest of it is a listing of credits — band members and the contributors who sent photos/video clips.

Out with the new,
In with the old . . .

3 thoughts on “this steampunk thing

  1. I love Abney Park. Their music is wonderful and they have many videos on their YouTube channel. Most of their songs are based on a fictional world that Captain Robert Brown (lead singer) has created and he wrote two fictional books about the ‘crew’. They also have a table-top role playing book called, ‘Airship Pirates’ and a board game based on the songs. I love the music because it sounds so exotic, ‘End of Days’ is one of my favorite songs. :D


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