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in heaven

Just in case you’ve wanted to know what heaven looks like :o)

"heaven" ~ sld

A few weeks ago, I put my acoustic drum set up for sale on consignment/trade-in. The bass drum turned out to be too big, so the toms were too high for me. As a result, I was hurting myself as I moved around the kit, trying to keep from hitting the rims. Very glad for the experience, though. It was a helpful introduction in general. Gave me the chance to learn what I needed, what was important to me. With living in an apartment that has no garage, it’s been a challenge to find a good time to practice. Loudness is a concern. And it’s been a frustrating arrangement to more than just me when my chance to practice conflicted with something my fellows had planned to do, like playing Mario Karts, or when my son understandably wanted to remain quietly reading in the most comfortable chair.

I chose an electronic kit for that reason, for their extraordinary versatility, and because it’ll be easier to take on the road. Couldn’t quite envision myself trying to haul the other one around. Almost gave up on the whole thing, actually. Wondered what I could be thinking.

So glad I didn’t.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing my daily workouts on my practice pad. Have it tucked under my desk. I can bring it out, set my timer and metronome in front of me, turn on my computer, click the Drumeo link on my bookmarks tool bar and I’m good to go. Not disturbing anyone.

Got the call this afternoon from Howard that my drum kit was in. He assembled it and checked everything there at the Drum Circuit. As soon as it was ready (and we had cleared space in the back of the van), my son and I were on our way into town.

Howard’s lending me his drum throne until mine comes in. Very grateful. Awesome guy. The wait time will be about 6 – 8 weeks. I went with Fernie’s recommendation and chose a Roc N Soc throne with the gas shocks and a backrest. Its marvelousness will be worth the wait.

Dinner was a little late tonight. :o) And I’m only typing this because I guess I needed to stop and eat. I wonder when I’ll sleep again.

Well, gotta go. If you don’t hear from me for a while, you’ll know where I am . . .

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