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  2. Yeah you don’t have to try; I needed this when I was a child, because the one who ended up disliking me the most was me, and it stuck with me like glue. False Shame, False Guilt, Never being good enough! It doesn’t matter what they think! Don’t give it all way!

    Very good video great message.

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      • Hi Sandy yeah I felt a little uneasy commenting on this post being a guy and realizing that guys are often the primary reason girls/women, go through so much un mentionable emotional agony over the irrelevant facades of ?beauty?

        Anyway there is a similar problem with guys and girls who suffer in so many different ways the rejection, and shame the invisible illnesses that so many suffer these days.


        • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Exactly – when I posted this I was thinking that the message applies to all of us. Maybe guys aren’t putting on the physical embellishments like make-up, etc, to feel acceptable, but there are other ways we “put on” extras in hopes it will help others (including ourselves) like us better. It’s one thing to embellish ourselves for the art of it, for fun, but it’s another if we’re doing it because we feel less than, not good enough as we are. Each person is precious and beautiful in his/her own unique way. Incomparable.

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        • Yeah, your right Sandy, teary eyed, why does it have to hurt so bad to be human and …. me?

          rhetorical if you will


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