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kt tape rules

"kt tape" ~ sld

I rarely endorse a particular product on my blog, but in this case must, have to.

KT Tape rules!

Computer use, drumming without taking the time to do proper warm-up/stretching caught up with me, turned into something elbow. Then I managed to injure my right deltoid during the summer while I was schlepping the furniture/whatnot in my mom’s house. Bringing things downstairs from the second floor, upstairs to the main floor from the basement, getting ready for the movers, the Salvation Army. Steep, narrow steps. Emptying cupboards/closets. Countless trips with bins of recycling, bags of trash, donations. Had my son’s help for the larger furniture, but I needed to be the one on the downhill side.

And voila! even lifting my water bottle to drink was painful. I found a brace for my elbow. It helped, when I remembered to put it on. But I didn’t realize my shoulder was so involved until we got back and I went to see my chiropractor. Suspected tendonitis. He recommended frequent icing and getting some deep tissue work. That helped a lot – the massage and Karen’s advice. Get some kinesiology tape to support the tendons. Looked it up. Decided to try the KT Tape.

Perfect timing at Target. The fellow in front of us at the checkout saw the box and launched into the praises of KT Tape. A military man, I guessed in his mid-thirties. Extreme training. Torn knees, injuries to his back. Said the tape held him together even under highly demanding conditions. Told me about the website, the instruction videos available.

It was a challenge to determine which configuration would work best. Found information about dealing with bicep and tricep tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, but the symptoms didn’t completely match. Finally, I found a site that talked about “Swimmer’s elbow,” describing it exactly.

  • A weakened grip
  • A burning sensation in your elbow and/or shoulder (my case both)
  • A pain that is felt on the outside of the elbow, even when stabilized
  • Stiffness in the elbow
  • Pain when squeezing an object

Okay, now onto which instruction videos to follow.

I posted a question to the KT forum. Waited a few days, no reply, so I emailed their support team. Got a message back the next day from Alexi. She apologized that they’d been having some technical problems with the forum. She recommended using two different applications, one for the elbow and one for stabilizing my shoulder:



It’s making a big difference. And, I’m being a good girl, stretching, strengthening, remembering to warm-up before I practice drums, strapping the ice pack onto my arm afterwards.

Much better.

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