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'cos we play ~ sld

We had to go into town to pick up my laptop from the Apple Store today – a one-day/two-night’s rejuvenating spa treatment (a.k.a. a new battery installed, old one toast) – and my son wanted to make good use of the goggles we found at Costume Capers on Monday when we went to SLO to see about my ’puter.

This morning he asked me if I’d go steampunk, too. (my answer obvious)

I brought my camera with us so we could swing by my husband’s office for a mo and he could snap a photo of us. A happy memory from 2014.

Costume play (cosplay) is a natural phenomenon for us. Perhaps you remember the plus fours I made for my son as part of his Tintin outfit a couple of years back. (post link here) Several years ago, I sent an image of Fireman Sam to my mom so she could make him a costume for Christmas. I have a picture on Flickr of him here. And then there was the Postman Pat uniform and hat I made for him (see photo below). Fun stuff.

Postman Pat and Mrs. Goggins 2009
Postman Pat and Mrs. Goggins
Halloween 2009
(click on image to see full-sized)

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