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Noches de Invierno (Winter Nights) Flamenco Concert

I just returned from meeting my flamenco compadres in downtown SLO for a performance by Savannah Fuentes and company. Most enjoyable.

Savannah Fuentes

Savannah Fuentes

About Savannah Fuentes:

Born in Seattle to parents of Puerto Rican and Irish ancestry, Savannah commenced her flamenco studies with dancer Ana Montes at the Belltown Ballet and Conditioning Studio at the age of seventeen. Making trips to Spain she continued to develop her technique and her understanding of the complex art form known as Flamenco. She has studied with many of today’s most distinguished dancers such Joaquin Grilo, Belen Maya, and Isabel Bayon, but the majority of her formation as an artist took place in Seattle with Maestra Sara de Luis. Savannah credits master dancer Sara de Luis as her greatest influence and mentor.

      An avid proponent of El Cante Flamenco (Flamenco singing), Savannah’s first priority is presenting legitimate Flamenco singing to every audience. She has toured and studied with internationally recognized Flamenco singers such as Saray Munoz Barrull, Jesus Montoya, and Jose Anillo. Savannah continues to study and grow as an artist touring the Western United States, she has independently produced over 200 presentations and workshops in the past 4 years.

(photo and bio source: savannahflamenko.com)

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