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"tide's edge" ~ sld

At the bay this afternoon, enjoying the view from my favourite little dock. An unusual warm sea breeze from the west. The tide slowly rising, flowing into prints, smoothing, erasing traces of the day. A heron in the massive pine tree above me makes his presence known. I smile and look up, but couldn’t see him. Somehow just nice to know he’s there.

All at once the bay fills with the calls of terns, splashing as they dive. A group of pelicans joins them for dinner. And, wafting in and out, I hear a groove from a bass guitar and drum likely coming from a concert at the Harbor Festival across in Morro Bay. An 80s cover band?

About 100 yards from me, a lady stands ankle deep in the water, tossing a stick for her eager golden companion.

All very peaceful. All very beautiful.

It’s good to be back.

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