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    • Yes, it was pretty hard to believe. Then, within about a week, temperatures were back into the high 70s, low 80s, as though nothing happened. Calgary’s known for its strange weather, but I think Snowtember takes the cake.


    • Hi Dave — Yes, it was pretty wild. A lot of people were without power for quite a while, some for several days, and it caused a tremendous amount of damage to the trees. So many broken branches. Too much weight with both the leaves and the snow together.


    • We got about 8-10 inches — Jaremy went out to measure it from time to time. Mom had removed all the big trees from her yard over the last few years, so we didn’t lose any branches, but there were a lot down along the streets, and the trees in the park/pathway beside John Laurie were hit pretty hard. Hopefully they’ll recover okay. We lost power for a little while during one night, and for a few moments the next morning, but nothing major, thankfully.


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