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My first shot on my first DSLR — a Nikon D3100.

"first" by sld 080914

I’ve had the camera for about a week. I took it out of the box, charged up the battery, but decided to wait to try it out until I’d gathered all Mom’s stuff that was going to be moved out to her suite in Winnipeg, packed it and had it picked up by the movers. It’s been a strange experience disassembling my childhood home. Our voices ring a little in the living room now.

A huge Atlas Van Lines truck pulled up this morning. The friendly and conscientious crew made quick work of loading and were on their way within about an hour. Then it was breakfast, a long nap, a trip to the back corner of Mom’s yard to harvest a stalk of rhubarb (haven’t had any for ages). I sliced the rhubarb, put it on to simmer, called my brother, forgot about the rhubarb, came back downstairs sensing that all was not well. The pungent smell of burnt sugar, a light haze filling the kitchen. Oops. Turned off the stove, opened windows, dealt with the pot and made another trip to the back corner of Mom’s yard. Much more successful the second time. A lovely treat.

Then I settled in to play with my camera. :o)

I’ve been going step by step through the quick start guide this afternoon, so the setting for this photo was auto-everything. Ahh, what fun to come . . .

4 thoughts on “first

  1. If my husband’s experience is any indication, You’re in for a good time, Sandy. I got him a Nikon D800 for Christmas last year and be LOVES it. Have fun, and I’m with you in the rhubarb-delicious! :-)


  2. Ah, there must have been mixed feelings about the moving crew taking things out of your mother’s house…? However, rhubarb is great in anything, at any time.

    This camera looks terrific! I love the detail you’ve captured on this flower. You can almost smell it!


    • Yes, a mixture of sadness because of needing to do it at all and the relief that at least that part’s done. Into the next phase now — going through what’s left. Which is a bit simpler (though still rather daunting if I think very much about it) than trying to decide for my mom what she was going to take with her or be moved later. Besides furniture, dishes, linens, clothes, art supplies, there’s books, papers, cards, letters… Cheeze. We were able to talk about some things, but the process was limited because of the dementia. Pretty weird to be here without her — Garry and Marcia were able to come near the end of July to pick her up. They’d rented a trailer and packed in quite a bit. Amazing really. A big game of tetris. From what Garry said yesterday, she’s settling in well, making friends, starting to be part of the activities there.

      I was glad to have something fun to look forward to yesterday afternoon after the movers left. While Jaremy was otherwise occupied, I had a chance to quietly read about my camera and try it out. That was lovely. And of course there was the earlier excitement thanks to the first rhubarb experiment. It took a while for the, uh, aroma to dissipate. :o)


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