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Today’s question . . .

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” *

My answer? Yesterday.

Here’s a photo of my first zentangle® tile. A wonderful experience. Thank you, Kelley — for your inspiration and for having the kits available :o)

zentangle-first tile by sld-1200

*one of my favourite questions from Kobi Yamada’s book, ever wonder: ask questions and live into the answers

11 thoughts on “yesterday

    • I shall leave explanations to an expert — Kelley (a Certified Zentangle Teacher) wrote a P.S. for you in her comment to answer your question . . .


    • Thanks Sandy. It’s really fun. Kelley left a wonderful description in her comment on my post as well as a link to the zentangle website.


  1. YAY! What a beautiful first tile, Sandy! I’m so happy you’re setting foot on this journey!!


    P.S. @Silverscreenings and @David Kanigan – Zentangle is a method of drawing simple repeating patterns to create art that’s more about the process than the product or, as I tell my students, it’s meditation for people that can’t sit still (me)! If you think about doodling… doodling is to Zentangle what stretching is to yoga, if that helps! Check out either my blog (www.thepathuntangled.com) or the official Zentangle website at http://www.zentangle.com.


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