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zen and the art of tea packaging

"tea travelling" ~ sld

I’ve recently rediscovered chai tea. The sweetness and spices are especially warming, comforting at this time of year. One of my favourites is from a company named Tazo — because of the flavour and because of the package.

We’re whisked off on an adventure just by reading the back of the box . . .

and begin a journey that spans
continents and centuries
on speed-of-sound steam trains.

the sun, rain and fog of the morning
these delicate botanicals were picked.

lemongrass lawns, carpets of chamomile
and the living history of your ancestors.

Taste with all your senses, but most of all
with your imagination.”

And this is the story for their Organic Black Tea Chai . . .

“Like a drive through an
exotic marketplace with
the windows rolled down,
this blend of black teas
will fill your senses,
while the sweet cinnamon,
spicy ginger and fragrant
cardamom flirtatiously
grab the steering wheel
to take you in
another direction.”

Always makes me smile. Time for a little travelling. :o)

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