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time travelling

There are some places that transport me instantly to another time. This is one of them. It’s an alleyway near my elementary school, behind the houses of a couple of childhood friends. Their families no longer live here, their houses have been remodeled, but the alleyway remains the same.

"takes me back" ~sld

Endless Summers

creamsicles from the
corners store, sprinklers, playing
hide-and-seek past dark

8 thoughts on “time travelling

  1. Ah! Your mention of playing hide-and-seek past dark reminded me of my childhood. That was so much fun, and was so much easier to hide. A different time, hey? It’s likely not very safe for kids to be doing that today…


    • Those long summer evenings were wonderful for games. Yes, definitely easier to hide! Happily, the area around Mom’s house hasn’t changed a lot. Still a friendly place.


  2. I remember a similar walkway path full of trees behind homes in the neighborhood where I grew up. We thought it was a magically place as kids. Good memories indeed. Thanks for sharing.
    – Michael


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