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today’s source of inspiration

My inspiration for today is much closer to home. In my living room, actually.

Yesterday, Fernie (my drumming instructor) came by to pick up the DVD of Steve Smith (of Journey fame) I’d borrowed from him. While he was here, he told us that the fellow he’d just been teaching had bought himself a new drum kit and was interested in selling his old one — practically giving it away. $150. His kids had bought it for him. Not an very expensive set, but he’d replaced all the heads, added E-Rings, and fitted some foam pieces in the bass drum to create a lower tone. Fernie had said before that this fellow’s drums sounded almost as good as his (Fernie’s) top of the line DWs.

Couldn’t pass up this chance.

So, Fernie gave him a call and suddenly we were all heading up the road, onto Highway 1, to Ed’s place to pick up the drum kit. Unbelievable.

After we’d loaded our car and Fernie’s van, Ed invited us to come see his zorse (half zebra, half horse).

S and J with zebra-horse kd 1200

Here are the tools I’ve been working with . . .

starting drum set sld 820

I came down the stairs this morning and stood a long time, gazing at this beautiful, amazing sight. Here’s my new set . . .

my drums - kd 1200

Just need a crash/ride cymbal and I’m good to go. Oh, and a van to haul all my gear to gigs :o)

Last night I was having fun with it ’til pretty late. Here’s a pic of my son and me playing the opening rhythm from Benny Goodman’s Sing, Sing, Sing.

J and S - kd 820

Here’s a video of the drumming legend Gene Krupa with the Benny Goodman Orchestra, 1937. Of course, we sounded exactly like this :o)

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