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school’s out for summer

"my flamenco shoes" by sld

I’ve been feeling a bit disoriented the last few days. No flamenco class this week. No more classes again until September.

This week is Old Spanish Days Fiesta in Santa Barbara and the Garcia Dance Studio is VERY busy. My class alone (SLO and Lompoc combined) has around 20 performances scheduled at various venues over the course of four days. I wasn’t quite ready to be part of it this time, but next summer I’m in!

We had our last class for the year this past Thursday (7/25) and for fun we decided to meet at a park with a big gazebo that’s near where Janet and her daughter, Talia, live. Talia’s been dancing with GDS since she was little. She’s in the advanced class, but she also comes on Thursday nights. When Laura wasn’t able to be there because she was recovering from cancer surgeries, or when she had a meeting she couldn’t get out of, Talia led the class. Her hand/arm movements are beautiful. I watch her a lot during class and afterwards on the video clips I’ve recorded.

My fellows came to the park with me — they’ve retired from the SLO County Band, so they were free. They mostly played baseball, tag, etc., but my husband brought his camera and was able to catch some video of me and my classmates dancing. I’ve posted a couple of segments on my Flickr site [here].

Earlier in the week, I hadn’t been sure if I was going to be able to be there. As of Saturday, the flu had rather effectively knocked my feet out from under me. But thankfully the high fever subsided by Wednesday, and though I still felt a bit peaky, I didn’t want to miss and I figured I probably wasn’t contagious anymore.

Both Laura and Talia had invited some friends. Janet had prepared a bounty of snacks. And except for having a few others stop by to watch for a while, we pretty much had class as usual.

The evening ended with an impromptu Salsa lesson — Laura gathered everyone together and persuaded her friend Victor (a fantastic local Latin dance instructor) to give us all a mini-class. By that time, friends of friends had stopped by. Together with my class, there were about 20 of us (mostly Cal Poly students) learning some basic Salsa steps. Awesome.

4 thoughts on “school’s out for summer

    • Thanks Lori :o) Yes, dancing’s wonderful that way — the music, the emotions it evokes, telling a story through movement. Fun.


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