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Puma Road | Triumvirate

Recieved the okay to post the illustrations I created for Ray Franscioni Wines’ new Puma Road label, a blend of three wines they’ve named Triumvirate. So, here they are . . .

The winemaker was looking for a marble statuesque appearance, capturing a similar feel as the sample images I was sent of statues of the original Triumvirate (Julius Caesar, Pompeius Magnus (“Pompey the Great”) and Marcus Crassus). I submitted two versions, one with “carved” pupils on the pumas, and one without (matching the look of the eyes on the statue of Julius Caesar I was sent). They chose the one without detail in the eyes.


Not sure how the artwork is going to be treated on the label, as yet. They might reproduce it as a shaded emboss, or they might do it as a greyscale image like they did on the other puma road labels. When they’ve decided and it’s been printed, I’ll post. :o)

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