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report from my in-box: 6•27•13

• Completed transfer of all past messages to a “to be filed” folder

• Handled today’s email, so far (30 messages). And, while I was at it, I unsubscribed to six e-newsletters and deleted nearly 2,000 messages using a batch processing approach (as I was going through this morning’s mail, I also searched for past emails from some of the sources, scanned through the lists, kept a few, deleted the rest). My count is now at 18,683.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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8 thoughts on “report from my in-box: 6•27•13

    • Thanks, Dave. Yes, it feels good to be getting a handle on it. It’s been weighing on my mind, something I’ve needed to/wanted to take care of for a long time. A pretty daunting task, though, and not a mystery to me how it got that way — too many subscriptions, settings for WordPress, Facebook and LinkedIn that invited an overabundance of incoming email to sort through. Been doing “fly-bys” for ages — sign in once a day (occasionally more), scan list of recent messages for ones that look urgent/important/useful, either reply immediately or add to list of to-dos for the day, sign out. Maybe delete a few, but not many. Time to make a change.


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