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favourite things of the day 6•12•13

a huge flock of pygmy nuthatches visited the tree just behind our place • the sun was shining both times I went walking today (June – August is known ’round these parts as “fog season.” Won’t complain, though, it sure beats the heat!) • fun moments with my son — whistling the Saint Louis Blues March and Basin Street Blues as we were walking this morning; while on the beach, he made his jacket into a sail and let the wind move him along; and playing flute/clarinet duets together this afternoon • 60+ minutes devoted to practicing drum exercises and working on my precision/speed for some of my flamenco steps

7 thoughts on “favourite things of the day 6•12•13

    • Hi Michael. Ah yes, the fog. Definitely has a taste, smell and feel. I think I’d miss it too if we ever moved away from the coast.


  1. When I clicked over I was looking to see pictures of pygmy nuthatches but was left with mental images of a boy on a windy beach making a sail out of his jacket walking along with him mom. :) I way prefer the latter image!! Thanks for the smile!!


      • I have three boys, all grown up and on their own now, and where did the time go?! Gotta treasure these days now!! Turn around twice and he’ll be off to college!!


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