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Warming up

I’ve been sitting here doing a fun drawing warm-up this morning and listening to an album on Spotify — Flamenco Music – Instrumental Spanish Flamenco Guitar by the Gypsy Flamenco Masters. I have another commissioned illustration to do for Ray Franscioni Wines. They’re launching a new brand and asked me to create some artwork. So, that’s one of my projects for the day. Pretty exciting.

On the first night of class, Laura brought over her iPhone to show us a picture of the dress for this year’s performances. She smiled and said something about showing us how beautiful it was as a bribe so that we’d stay, keep coming to class. :o)

Here’s a sketch of what I’m remembering it looks like . . .

"flamenco dress 2013" ~ sld

4 thoughts on “Warming up

  1. Beautiful dress and wonderful art drawing! As much as I love wearing dresses on a daily basis I can see myself in this one with the perfect pair of heels!

    Great job and God bless your endeavors!


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