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back to class

Okay, you might want to get ready — I’m going to say this really loud . . .


This time around I’m going to be studying Flamenco. Sooo jazzed.

Not sad anymore that the dance school here in Los Osos closed its doors. I’d been hoping to take classes there ever since we moved here, finish out my Al Gilbert tap grades, work towards joining one of their performance groups, maybe qualify to teach. Shortly after we’d settled in, I went over to Central Coast Dance to check it out and I was able to talk with the owner, Miss Julie. She was gracious, welcoming, and I think would have been an awesome teacher to work with. However, when I was ready to enroll (had a car during the day), I went to their website to check their current schedule and found that she had retired. Apparently she wasn’t able to find anyone who was in the position to take over and keep the studio going. I moped about that one for a long time.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for other tap classes in our area, but nothing was available at a convenient time or location, even checked a few weeks ago to see if the Hawaiian dance troupe that I’d seen perform was still holding sessions at the Pacific Dance Center in Morro Bay, but they’d changed location. Too far away and not a good night.

On a wish and a prayer, wondering what the chances were, I did a little sleuthing this past Sunday and discovered that there’s a dance school in San Luis Obispo that offers a beginning flamenco class. At the perfect time, on the perfect evening, too.

I contacted them and I’m good to go. So starting next week, on Thursday evenings, I’ll be tagging along with my fellows as they go into SLO for county band rehearsal, drop them off, and head over for my class.


. . . . .

Image: “Flamenco III” by Fabian Perez

Source: viningsgallery.com.

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