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have wheels, will wander

Early this morning, my husband was driving up to Napa with a few of his office compadres to attend a meeting with a designer who’s creating artwork for a wine company they print labels for. He was going to meet one of his co-workers at the plant by 5:30 am so they could carpool up to Atascadero, where they’d join with the others, making the rest of the trip all together.

Even though it meant getting up around 4:30 am, waking my son up shortly thereafter, in order to be ready for the 5:00 am departure time, I didn’t want to miss this chance to have the car for the day.

So, we dropped Kevin off, drove back home, and caught a few more zzz’s. My son went back to sleep for a looong time, so I was able to have a walk, go through my tai chi routine, and even draw for a while before he woke up. My favourite way to begin the morning.

We thought we’d have a library day. It’s been ages since we’ve been able to do that. I had the car for about a year while my husband’s work schedule/hours coordinated well enough with the bus schedule. He was able to catch the express into and from SLO each day. First time in my life I’d had regular access to a vehicle. However, come last March (2012), he was required to start working 10-12 hour days and I lost my wheels.

It was a beautiful thing while it lasted.

Over this past year, my son and I have mounted our trusty bicycles and made the journey to the Los Osos branch several times, with a backpack in tow adding a bit of interest to climbing the hills on the way home. :o) But I’ve been missing being able to go hang out at my favourite library in Morro Bay, sitting and reading for an hour or so, having nothing else I need to be doing, and then being able to go to walk/play on the beach.

After my son finally woke up, we’d breakfasted, and gathered our essentials for the outing, we headed up the road, Norah Jones’ album Feels Like Home playing at a respectable level of loudness. (Today’s not-in-the-background music being sponsored by one of our local libraries. I love being able to borrow CDs, have the chance to enjoy them without needing to find a place to put them, aside from while they’re on loan, that is.)

I knew that the library was going to be closed next Tuesday because of President’s Day, but we were surprised to find that it was closed today, too — for Lincoln’s birthday. Our friend Katy (of caterpillaring fame) and her daughters were there at the same time, discovered with us the non-openness of this particular house of tomes. So, we chatted for a moment, don’t know where they went off to, but my son and I got back into the car and drove to the Cloisters. We parked — not inside the lines, just like everyone else :o) — and started to gather our stuff to take to the beach.

My son said, “I’d like to go home and get my trucks.” I looked at the time, hmmm’d for a bit, then thought, “why not?” We went back home, and while he was gathering and loading his oversized perfect-for-the-beach trucks into the car, I found my watercolour pencils, filled a jar with water, and dug out my pad of paper from the bin under my art table.

Driving with a tiger in my tank, back to the beach we went. Could hardly wait to get there. Feeling giddy and free as I turned the corner from Beach onto the Embarcadero. This time, we parked over by the Rock, climbed down the small embankment, walked a short distance, enjoying scuffing our feet on the dry sand because it makes a funny squeaky sound. My son chose a suitable site to construct a castle and got to work right away. I set down my bag, spread out the towel I’d brought, and then took care of first things first. Shoes and socks off, roll up jeans. Time to skip some stones in the ocean.

I’m a little out of practice, but I did have a few stones that skipped at least three times. Waves rolling, the refreshing frigid water, sand between my toes. Heaven.

Eventually, I returned to the construction site, sat down and pulled out my paper and pencils. Took some photos of my son, the surf, and then started drawing. I haven’t used my watercolour pencils for sketching before. It was fun and interesting. Here’s how it turned out . . .

"sketch of Morro Rock 021213" ~ sld

On the way home, my son said, “That was a terrific afternoon.”


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