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on the label

At long last, I am able to post a photo of one of the three Puma Road wines that incorporate the illustration I made. :o)

(The post with my original illustration is here.)

I’m not familiar with the story of this particular winery, Ray Franscioni Wines, or the wines themselves, as yet — been waiting to open them until my husband had a chance to make the photos. But if you’re interested in reading about some of the other wineries in this area, my husband and I published a trade rag for the local wine industry (Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara counties) for a couple of years (a few years ago). The newsletter was called, Behind the Wines, and we featured one area winery each month, along with a few industry related articles.

It was such a blast hearing their stories. My husband conducted the interviews and took photos. I was there for one of the interviews, but mostly I’d listen to the recordings afterwards, make transcripts to work from, and then write the articles. That is, all except for two of the wineries. Once, the interview was rather mobile and Kevin didn’t catch very much, if anything, on the tape recorder, so that information was proprietary and he had to write that one. The other was the story about Stephan Asseo at L’Aventure in Paso Robles, for the final issue, which Kevin wanted to do.

The articles are mostly about how they got started into making wines, some of their “secrets,” their future plans, a bit about their businesses, marketing. My favourites of my favourite stories are about Ariki Hill & Lane Tanner (Labyrinth Cellars & Lane Tanner Winery – May 2007), Gary Pisoni (Pisoni Vineyards & Winery – Aug 2007), and Frank & Connie Nerelli (ZinAlley – Oct 2006)

The link to the site is here. You’ll find all but the last issue on the “Archived Issues” page.

12 thoughts on “on the label

  1. Beautiful drawing and I love the name of the label. I imagine I’m not alone, but I’m usually drawn to try a wine if I love it’s name as well as its label–somehow that fits the whole package, name, label, history, location, type of wine, etc.


    • Thanks, Deborah. Same for me — I’m a sucker for a good story and a label that catches my attention . . . then I look hopefully, seeing if it’s under 10 bucks :o)


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