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Being married to a photographer can sometimes be like travelling around with your own personal paparazzi. Poor fellow, though, I’m afraid I’m a bit vain — not vain as in “conceited,” but vain as in “rather concerned about how I look.” And in this case, it’s combined with a strong dose of insecurity. Let’s just say that, as with so many people, some of the “mirrors” in my life have reflected back with negative impressions. But besides that, how else would a scorpio born in the year of the wood snake* be? Who can fight against all the forces of nature and the universe? It’s not even worth trying. Though, I do think that I ought to have been born under the sign of the butterfly in the year of the penguin, but as that was not one of the options available, at least not in this dimension, I shall put my heart into doing the best with what I’ve been given.

Anyway, here’s a typical scenerio and conversation:

Kevin takes photos. I ask, “Can I see?” He scrolls through and we view them on the camera screen. He’s smiling. I’m squinting and saying, “Hmmmm,” and “Well, I don’t look too terrible in that one.” And probably too often he hears, “Pleeease erase that one,” when I don’t want to take any chances that a particular image will end up on his Flickr account.

I keep hoping that someday, magically, I’ll look in the mirror, or at a photo of me, and find the identical twin sister of Helena Bonham Carter. Even her name is beautiful. :o)

I’ve debated on and off for a few weeks as to whether or not to post this story and the forthcoming photo. The scorpio in me says, “Let the energy flow! Be brave! Have some fun! Express yourself! Carpe diem!” The wood snake says, “Now wait just a moment and think this through. Are you really sure you want to do this? Is it a good idea? Have you considered all of the ramifications?”

Scorpio’s winning at the moment, so I’ll get back to the story . . .

When we were down in Santa Barbara for my celebratory birthday excursion this past October, we stopped at La Mesa Park, near Lazy Acres, because the sun was just setting and it looked so pretty that I wanted to make some photos. (I used one of them along with my poem lost in translation.) My husband had his camera with him, as usual, and we — meaning my son and I — found ourselves the subjects of some portraits (which I think turned out quite nicely, actually. You can see at least one of them here). However, unbeknownst to me, he once again had his camera trained on yours truly as I was taking a few last photos before heading back to the car.

As I turned to walk up the hill, and started to say something, he snapped this photo. I call it my “paparazzi picture.” He thinks I should post it because it’s one of his new favourites. I’m posting it because I think it’s kind of funny. To me, it gives the sense of a brush with fame, the feeling of camaraderie with the stars. Being caught, immortalized on camera, in a slightly awkward moment, while out and about town. :o)

So apparently, I’ve decided to post it. And now, you can all know that tomorrow morning, I’ll awaken, curled up in my wood snake skin, and ruminate about it, ruminate a lot about it, and probably finally conclude by asking myself the question, “What was I thinking?!”

But for now — Go Scorpio!

. . . . . . .

* You can read about what it can mean to be a scorpio wood snake and/or find out more about your own combination of zodiac sign and Chinese year if you click here. Pretty interesting. I find it fascinating how insightful these profiles are.

Image source for the Helena Bonham Carter photo: Native Audio Grrrl

18 thoughts on “personal paparazzi

  1. I think Helena Bonham Carter is very attractive, in a slightly off-kilter way.

    You, on the other side, are just plain knock-down gorgeous and Helena cannot even be considered competition. For support of my supposition, see above photo.

    By the way, you write pretty good, too:)



  2. I’ve always loved Helena Bonham Carter’s name.. and she certainly is beautiful.
    But you, also, are beautiful. And I can see that’s why it’s his new favorite photo.
    kelley @ thepathuntangled


    • Thank you, Kelley. :o) Helena did the voice-over for the mother squirrel character in the children’s short animation film The Gruffalo, and it was wonderful to watch her and, of course, listen to her (her speaking voice is so lovely) in the “behind the scenes” footage. Like I said, beautiful.


    • Big smile — Thanks Ruth! The jacket is one of my favourites. I inherited it from an angel — the lady who was our original pianist for the Joyful Noise Orchestra, Irene. She passed away in November of 2011. Oh, how I miss her. She was in her mid-eighties, but more like in her 60s, and the most loving, caring, genuine woman I’ve ever met. After she died, her husband (also a very dear friend) asked me if I wanted to come and choose from Irene’s wardrobe anything I liked (we were about the same size). Whenever I wear that jacket it feels like I’m a bit closer to her, like a hug.


  3. Love this post. So glad other bloggers like me struggle with “should I” or “shouldn’t I” then go what the hell, hit “publish” and cringe. So funny. But that’s a lovely photo of you, so “in the moment”–I can almost hear you start to speak, something like “now, wait a minute . . .”


  4. A: You look GREAT!! No need to worry.
    B: I understand the sentiment a lot though!! I find digital has WAY TOO MUCH detail!! Which of course I love if it is bird feathers or their lovely irises. But, if I want decent picture of me it has to be from far away with a low res point and shoot. Big sigh….


    • Thanks, Judy :o) Yes — digital catches way too much info in those bazillions of pixels. Plus, my husbands shoots all his files in RAW format — so no end to the detail available in those. Awesome for nature/product shots — not so much for portraits of moi. :o)


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