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A little while after Christmas, my dad sent me an email, wondering if I might create and post some more recordings, make a page for them. [Hi, Dad :o)] When I asked him if he had any special requests, he suggested that I choose some of my favourite songs. And so I’ve been gathering some backtracks to use.

In the meantime, he also wrote to ask if I might make a recording of Amazing Grace that he could use for a worship service on St. Pixels (an online church). I’ve been playing around with it in GarageBand tonight and here’s how it turned out . . .

Backtracking source: karaoke-version.com

11 thoughts on “by request

  1. Sandy,

    I am sitting looking out on the snowy landscape, brilliant blue sky. I just finished listening to the tape and feel a sense of communion with all that is. There is a perfection in the imperfection of that voice, an expression of emotion that shines through, a story told in the song, a yearning and a coming home.

    How did I come to this blessed moment when your voice and this vista and my feelings could all come together in this magnificent way?

    A great gift.

    Thank you.



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