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Jason Mraz | I’m Yours

The song of the day . . .

Jason Mraz – I’m Yours from Leonardof on Vimeo.

If you have Spotify ( it’s free — though if you have a monthly subscription you can listen without any ads between sets of songs, definitely an advantage),  you can listen to this full recording of the song. I like this version better . . .


11 thoughts on “Jason Mraz | I’m Yours

  1. Mmmm. New to me. Happy music! At least, I assume it’s happy. I’m BAD at listening to lyrics. But I like the music :)


    • Isn’t he awesome! One of my favorites too. I finally downloaded it from iTunes yesterday — it was the only song I played while I was walking today. Over and over . . . :o)


      • I so exactly the same Sandy – so nice to know I’m not alone — he has a few others I do this with — Live High – Butterfly and maybe one or 2 more — just easy to listen too — and uplifting!!! xo


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