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a path of healing

an echoing question

something’s hiding near
my heart. From the tower, I
call out, “Friend or Foe?”


“Friend or Foe?” I’ve allowed that question to continue echoing — for nearly five months. I’ve been biding my time, seeing if this thing, this intruder that suddenly appeared, would show itself to be a hormonally-related cyst, harmless, and simply go away. However, it’s probably foolish to leave the question echoing for much longer, remaining unanswered. I need to seek out some help and align myself with someone who’s able to guide me in choosing an effective course of action.

This week I began walking along my path of healing. I picked up the phone. Set an appointment. It’s not until near the end of January — Dr. Zoe’s first available opening for a new patient consultation– but I’ve made the first move. I also phoned Central Coast Thermography and was actually able to speak with Gaea Powell. She was extremely helpful, suggesting I do some specific research about lymphatic massage, the possible connection between vitamin D deficiencies and cancer, and read a book entitled, Cancer is Not a Disease, by Andreas Moritz. On Friday, I was able to make an appointment for a preliminary set of thermography scans. Second week of January. At this moment, it seems like forever away.

I’m feeling much better though, more encouraged, more proactive. I have some things to do in the meantime that might make a significant difference. And I’m determined to believe that something wonderful is going to come from this.

Am I still frightened? Yes. Will I have times in the coming months of being fearful, uncertain, wondering if I’m going the right way? Very likely.

I don’t know what is along this road I’m travelling, what I’ll encounter. But when do we ever? What I do know is that I’m not alone. Family, friends, and most of all, I know that my Papa will never leave my side. He’s always there, listening, comforting, ready to lift me up and carry me. I also know that He’ll gently remind me when I forget that, as I walk along this path of healing, step by step.

22 thoughts on “a path of healing

  1. My heart and prayers are with you Sandy. Be encouraged and lean on The Lord always. If I could hug you I would but I pray you feel them from afar. (( Hugs ))

    Love, prayers, comfort and strength to you in Christ,



  2. What an incredibly brave post, Sandy. I can feel your resolve in every word. You are strong and will be OK whatever happens. I don’t really know you, but I can say this with complete confidence. I will keep you close to my heart in the coming months… Lori


  3. So sorry to hear this has come upon you, but admire your resolve to take action. I also admire your courage to blog about this.

    I hope something wonderful does come from this… Ken & I are praying for you and your family.


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