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a christmas wish

"elfin boots" ~ sld

I’ve been having fun playing around in GarageBand with my new microphone set-up and I put together a little something.

Here is a Christmas wish from me to you . . .

. . . . . . .

Backtracking source: karaoke-version.com

15 thoughts on “a christmas wish

  1. How nice!
    And my baby brother (now in his 40s) had those same little red boots. On his feet from sun-up to sun-down.
    Was in SWC a couple of days ago – looked in vain for your pic on the wall. Would have helped to know your last name – only first initials which didn’t help!


    • Thanks LaDona. Fun story about your brother. My son was the same way. Didn’t want to wear any other shoes.

      And, smiling about the SWC pic — I was one of the funny looking ones. No wait, that won’t help, we were just about all funny looking :o) This will probably be more useful . . . my last name in my other life was Steadman. Though, at the moment, I’m not sure why I’m helping you find it :o)


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