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new toys by sld 820

I recently ordered some music stands for us, a tuner and some clarinet reeds for my son. When the package arrived last week, we found there’d been a bit of a mix-up. In place of one of the items was a pair of drum sticks.

I saw them and thought, “Cool.”

When I emailed the shop about it, they sent the missing item out right away, and they said I could keep the sticks.

It’s a sign. :o)

Time to dust off a dream — and repair the stand for my practice pad. Once upon a time a small boy used it as a rocket and, well, it got a little bent.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Turn the beat around. Love to hear percussion . . .”

4 thoughts on “new toys

    • :o) I’m pretty jazzed. I was hoping they’d let me keep them. When I saw the sticks in the box, I made a promise to myself that if they did, I’d start learning again. The internet is such a fabulous resource. A lot of great tutorials available. So, I’ve been having fun — tap, tap, taptap, taptaptaptap . . .


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