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this ending is just a beginning

To quote NaNoWriMo founder Chris Baty —

“They’re called rough drafts for a reason. No one gets a novel totally right on the first pass. This is true whether you give yourself a month or a lifetime to write the first draft.”

As I quietly celebrate reaching 50k (quietly, because I’m writing this around 2:45 am), I tip my viking hat to all the wonderful people at the Office of Letters and Light. Thank you for this crazy, challenging, and inspiring opportunity — you guys are awesome!

And thanks to my dear fellows, for your support, patience, and for your encouragement, cheering me on as I often wondered, “How in the world am I ever going to crank out another 1,667 words to meet my word count goal for the day, let alone several thousand more to reach 50,000?”

I’m amazed to find myself across the finish line — two days early. What a blast!

It’s so true what Chris Baty said, “We can all do amazing, impossible things when given a deadline, a supportive community, and unlimited access to chocolate and caffeine.” :o)

Go NaNoWriMo!

14 thoughts on “this ending is just a beginning

    • :o) Thanks, John. While I’m still in the mode, I’m going to pull out the draft from my last NaNoWriMo adventure — strike while the iron’s hot. It’s time to finish.


  1. Sandy, I just stopped in for no particular reason and saw that you participated in NaNoWriMo and crossed the finish line successfully!! I cannot remember why in early November I was reading the history of NaNoWriMo by one of the founders and thought it the most wonderful and challenging thing!! So all month long I was rooting for all those who were particpating and at the end of November thinking oh its almost over. And this not knowing anyone personally participating!! Did not realize you were doing it. So just have to say you are amazing to have stared down the beast and won!!

    What is your book about or can you point me to it here?

    Just joining the others in saying congrats..it is an accomplishment!!!


    • Thank you, Judy :o) It was a really great experience. I posted a story synopsis here. I wrote it as series of haiku, which probably makes it a little cryptic, but it was a fun way of looking at it. I think the story has some potential, so I’m planning to continue working on it after I have a solid draft of the story I wrote during my last NaNoWriMo (a few years ago). That one’s been not-so-patiently awaiting some real attention. :o)


      • Already checked out that poem synopsis..loved it!! My sister has her second book up for sale and so I am definitely familiar with the angst of ‘drafting.’ Not the kind where you go fast with less energy behind a big truck…only the slow, methodical revisionary kind!!

        I read the biography of Tolstoy a long time ago. Countess Tolstoy was amazing in her own right for many reasons. Her husband would write all day on War and Peace and she would transcribe at night so he would have a fresh copy to mark up and add to the next day. One of her sons said she hand wrote the book 6 or 7 times. Talk about the pain of the draft!!


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