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  1. The dreaded blank page, the unformed idea lodged within the need.. the desire… the unfathomable urge to write! Some days I relate to this post much too strongly but we must persist in our writing. knocking down whatever bars us from writing.


    • Hi silvanthato. Yes, I agree — it’s so important to keep going, keep writing.

      I’m not sure where I heard/read it, but I came across a quote once that said something like, “You can edit anything but a blank page.” Once there’s something, anything, written, we can go back, clarify, hone it, replace words with ones that would be more effective. When I remember that, I find facing the blank page a fair bit less intimidating.


  2. … and some people probably think you just took a quick picture of your desk:)
    This is a very well composed image … from the caffeine holder to the crumpled rejects to the clean and almost empty pad … and that timeless prose, plus one great and very accurate quote …

    Very nicely done, Sandy:)


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