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what to wear, what to wear…

As you probably already suspect, my son is going as Tintin for the festivities on the 31st. My husband will be going as Tintin’s adventure buddy, Captain Archibald Haddock. Hmmm, but what about me? The only one in the stories that’s shorter than Tintin is Professor Cuthbert Calculus (did I mention that authenticity is king with my leetle fellow?). And well, for him I’d need to have a small green bowler-ish type hat, a green overcoat, and be balding with black hair that frizzles and sticks out when I’m upset. :o) We talked about it, but my son couldn’t quite see me as the professor, even if I could acquire all these necessary items. So, that idea didn’t go very far.

However, I do, at last (yay!), have a black bowler hat, so I’ve decided to be one of my absolute favouritest characters of all time, someone I’ve wanted to dress up as for years.

Wanna guess?

Here’s a giveaway clue — love this scene . . .

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