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It’s been sewing central this past week in my corner of the world. During nearly every spare moment (and then some), I’ve been working on my son’s plus fours, making the test version, transferring needed modifications to the pattern pieces, and then getting going on the real thing. He’d hoped to have them to wear for the CLCA-SLO Chapter* benefit golf tournament on Friday. We’re the editors for the chapter’s monthly newsletter and each year we cover the event, taking photos of all the teams, catching action shots, and photographing all the winners at the banquet.

Returning to the sewing project — happily, I was able to get the trousers in question to a point of wearableness just before we absolutely had to leave for the tournament on Friday morning. And thankfully we were able to arrive before all the teams took off for their assigned starting points.

The CLCA-SLO golf tournament is one of our favourite days of the year. For my son, it even rivals his birthday and Christmas. It’s a blast. We don’t golf — we drive! How many people get the fun of driving all over a beautiful golf course for hours, for free? My son LOVES driving the golf carts. He started several years ago. Unable to reach the pedals, he sat on my husband’s knees and had the time of his life steering us along the trails.

It was pretty snug last year with all three of us driving together in one cart. This year we didn’t even try — my son’s grown so much in the past few months. So, I got a cart to myself :o) and my son mostly chauffeured my husband around the links. He did join me a couple of times, too — as driver, of course.

I promised to post some pictures of my son in his Tintin outfit . . .

Tintin with Snowy and Beaker. This year we didn’t have the teams “watch the birdie,” they had to “watch the Beaker.” :o)

And here’s a photo of Cypress Ridge Golf Course . . .

Another super fun day — and looking forward again to next year.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

* San Luis Obispo Chapter of the California Landscape Contractors Association

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