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favourite things from this week

We saw my dad off on the Santa Barbara Airbus this morning, so he’s once again returned to the prairies of Saskatchewan. (He’ll probably be home by the time I finish writing this.) These past two weeks went by too fast. It was great to have him here.

With being in SB much earlier than usual, our itinerary was a little different. Today we enjoyed breakfast (rather than tea) by the seaside, after our customary stop at Lazy Acres for my latte and smoothies for my fellows. I especially enjoyed my coffee today because I haven’t had any for a couple of weeks — I was testing to see if coffee might be contributing to some health issues I’ve been facing recently. But it looks like something else is the culprit, so I did a happy dance and looked forward to my latte. :o) Don’t think I’ll go back to several cups a day of the wonderful stuff just yet, but it sure was a pleasure to have some this morning.

Another difference was that our visit to Santa Barbara was by necessity much shorter. We needed to come home, finish putting together a pasta salad, and head over to Morro Bay by 2 o’clock for a dear friend’s 80th birthday barbeque. Happily, we were still able to squeeze in a walk around the zoo and a few runs down the ant hill before having to leave that lovely city.

Now for some of my favourite photos from this week . . .

On Wednesday afternoon, we (meaning my dad, my son and I) walked over to the Sweet Springs Nature Preserve and had a picnic dinner. These guys lined up on the pole made me smile.

On Thursday afternoon, we strolled up the road in the other direction to the Elfin Forest, so named because of the dwarf oak trees covered with lichen that fill much of the forest’s 90-acres. An enchanting place. :o)

Then yesterday evening while I was walking, I stopped at the Audubon lookout and found a great blue heron keeping an eye on things as some ducks swam below and a gull rested nearby.

Farther down the beach, I lingered while the sun set.

6 thoughts on “favourite things from this week

    • Thanks Michael. It’s a pretty cool place. According to the website, there’s about 4/5 miles of paths/boardwalks through the forest. It’s particularly beautiful in the spring, after the winter rains, when everything’s green and blooming. But all year round, the lichen covered pygmy oaks spark the imagination, giving the feel that some mythical creature might appear at any moment.


  1. From 2000 to 2010 we lived in Los Osos and visited these spots many times. Now we live about 45 minutes away, but still have occasions to go and take in the beauty of these special places. Our church also held an annual community Easter Sunrise service at Sweet Springs. It was a simple service, but oh how glorious to see the birds over the bay in the crisp emergence of morning!


    • Hi Mark. What a lovely idea to have a Sunrise service at Sweet Springs. Always enjoy the time spent there — such a beautiful little spot.


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