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a new discovery

On Sunday we drove up the coast, above San Simeon, about five miles north of Ragged Point, to a hiking trail called Salmon Creek Falls. Beautiful drive. Beautiful day. Beautiful place.

The trail to the falls is between a quarter to half a mile, not arduous, but grippy footwear is helpful. The downward slopes can be slippery with the loose dirt and leaf cover.

There was a very pretty pool at the lower falls area.

Dad decided to skip the bit of rock climbing necessary to see the higher falls up close. So while he kept an eye on the camera bags, my fellows and I scaled the rock face. It wasn’t terribly high, maybe about ten feet. There was another way, traversing the creek via a couple of pipes (one for walking on, one to hold onto), that was reportedly easier, but there were already a few people waiting, so we opted for the climb.

Once on the higher trail, we could see the falls. Some people were enjoying water — and I got the definite impression that it was cold. :o)

We decided to take the easier way back and we were able to see another pretty pool.

I could see my dad across the way. “Hi Dad!”

Then we gave the pipes a try for crossing the creek — yes, a much easier way.


Here are a couple of the photos I took as we walked back along the trail.

It was a fun short hike and we’re planning to go back soon to try out the other trails.

On our way home, we stopped at Ragged Point. There’s a wonderful view of the coastline from the pathway around the point.

Getting closer to San Simeon (location of the famous Hearst Castle), we stopped for another photo op. Such a lovely place.

12 thoughts on “a new discovery

  1. Lovely photos, seems like a beautiful place! I love your blog and read each of the posts, liked and commented but have a hard time getting back to the place I had left and scroll down ( which takes a long time ) is there any other way? I’m a fairly new blogger so I’m not familiar with it all, thanks!


    • Thanks :o)

      Sometimes when I want to open posts from someone’s home page, I’ll press the “control” button on my keyboard and then click the link (I’m using a Mac). That brings up a menu so I can choose “open link in a new window.” By doing that, I can simply close the new window when I’ve finished reading/liking/commenting that particular post and then carry on from where I left off on their home page, no need to re-find my place. On a PC, I think a right-click on the link brings up the options available so you can select “Open link in new tab/window.”

      Hope that helps!
      ~ Sandy


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