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wired for sound

I thought it might be interesting to create an audio version of my poem, “breathing in the quiet.” So on Tuesday evening, I powered up GarageBand and made recordings with my laptop’s built-in microphone.

I think maybe Sinatra was on to something. He was known as “One-Take Charlie,” because he “strove for spontaneity and energy, rather than perfection.”*

Hmmm, wonder what kind of difference that would make for my life . . .

As for me, after m-a-n-y takes, I finally decided to just pick one, be brave, and post it. Nearly went at it again yesterday, today, but I held my resolve — she says with not just a little nervousness mixed in with her triumphant stance.

I’ve added the audio file to the end of the post with my poem. If you’d like to have a listen, you can click here.

Thanks to the lovely people at Ray Franscioni Wines giving me the opportunity to create an illustration for the labels of their Puma Road brand, I’m going to be able to invest in some audio equipment — at least a good mic with a stand, along with a midi connection and a sustain pedal for my keyboard. That’ll give us a good start into creating our home recording studio. I’m looking forward to learning how to sync voice with mouth movements for animation and being able to add custom music recordings.

As an aside, and some happy news, Franscioni Wines did choose to use my drawing for their labels. They’re scheduled to be printed soon. Very fun. When I have samples, I’ll post pictures of them. :o)

*source: biography about Frank Sinatra on IMDb.com

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